Why data plans in Nigeria is black Gold

We come to a point in Nigeria where data is a priced asset. To an Internet user, any network provider that can give the cheapest data plans and good network bandwidth, the person might as well switch allegiance.

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It’s not a matter of what data plan you are using, if it’s not cheap, people certainly wouldn’t subscribe to it.

There’s a catch to why data plans are so expensive, but that’s not the topic we are trying to deliberate on. But how it has become a fortune to the average internet user.

As some of us may know, some, who read the papers, or some of us who work our asses to make a living. Not the ones that would stick around and wait for daddy data to send them money to subscribe their smartphones. Certainly not the dependent sugar boys that wait on sugar mommies and sugar daughters that call on candy daddies or whatever you guys call it.

Mtn, glo, airtel, and etisalat bundles are somewhat a treasure. And like the America’s rave of mining gold in the early ninetees, nigeria as well have jointed the a perpetual craze that’s quite different from the craze of Gold that transpired in America.

We are always looking for the best plans, little wonder, an average internet user can’t get hold of one sim. it’s like we keep a variety of many, calling them to action if need be.

For example if Glo starts giving out free data bonuses alot of internet users will get a Glo sim just so they can get the bonus as well.

let’s take a look at why this plans are so expensive, from the network providers perspective.


I don’t know what wrong with mtn but you can as well click here to check their data plans and you will understand what i’m trying to say.


Etisalat isn’t bad. But expensive. That’s what i hate most about them. Owing to their unstable shareholders financial problem which has led the company fall more into debt than it should be. Etisalat would have been a better network almost every data plan users would love to take a ride in. You can visit here to see their plans in nigeria.


I don’t have anything against glo slashing their data plan by half. However, i do have a problem with their crazily retarded and lethargic network. I doubt glo staffs use glo to surf the internet.

Check out their good plans which i don’t find bad.


I love Airtel Plans and if not for something,  i would have said they are the best. go here to see their amazing data plans.


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